du 20 au 23 juillet 2017



« Runes »


The « runes » are the official money of the Ragnard Rock Festival, and can be used in the different bars of the festival, and also for the historical food stand which will be held during the festival


One rune = 1€


Runes can be pre ordered already at : https://yurplan.com/event/RAGNARD-ROCK-FEST-2017-Children-of-Yggdrasil/10874


The official merchandising stands of the festival won’t accept runes, but instead you will be able to pay with cash money or credit card.

The craftsmen, Viking stands, or metal market shops won’t accept the runes. Cash money will be accepted, and sometimes (depending on the sellers) credit cards also.

The official Ragnard Rock Fest cup will cost one rune and will be delivered directly at the bar.

There won’t be any ATM to withdraw money on the festival, so prepare some cash money if needed. 



Schedule :


Camping site access will be available from the Thursday 20th of July, at 8 am. You will have to get your wristband at the ticketing point (near the parking lot) before you access the camping site.

Camping site will be open until Monday 24th of July, 12 o’clock. At this point everybody will have to leave the site.


The festival itself will open its doors on Thursday the 20th à 6 p.m.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Viking village will open its doors at 10 am. The festival site (with the two mainstages) will open at 12 o’clock.

Every night, after the last show, the festival will have to be evacuated, and everybody will have to leave the area before 2 am.



Organization of the site, rights of access : 


The festival area is divided into four different zones : 

  • The camping area
  • The viking village – where the Heimstage is located
  • The festival area – where the two mainstages, the metal market and the foodtrucks are located
  • The VIP area

Each area will have its own bar. Only the VIP bar will accept cash payment and credit cards. Others will only accept « runes » (a selling point of « runes » will be located near the camping bar).


There are different types of pass for the festival, allowing different things :

  • 3-day pass + warm up – access granted for the whole festival (except the VIP area), and to the viking village, as well as the camping area
  • 3-day pass « Heimstage » – access granted to the viking village and the Heimstage for the 3 days, as well as the camping area. The festival area with the two mainstages will not be reachable with this pass
  • One day pass – access granted for the whole festival (except the VIP area), and to the viking village, as well as the camping area for the concerned day (a one-day ticket for saturday for example will give access to the camping for the night from saturday to sunday).
  • One-day pass « Viking village » – allow you to go to the Viking village and Heimstage for a whole day, but not to the festival area or camping site. These tickets will only be sold during the festival.