FIR BOLG is a band whose lyrics bring back our history before the Christian era, a time of Celtic myths and legends. The musical universe is dark and old school Black Metal, with a little acoustic folk touch sometimes.
At first, FIR BOLG started in 2006, as a one-man band, by Dagoth.

In 2008 FIR BOLG self produced 500 copies of the demo recording called « Paganism » with the session drummer Artgath (ex-Assacrentis, Anthropia, Consume the Fire).

Dagoth then formed a live session line-up:
Abaddon/drums ( Assacrentis/ Scornforger) – Necrokiller/bassguitar ( Necromantic) –
Sigurd/vocals – Dagoth/guitare/Backing vocals.

In June 2009, FIR BOLG joined Schwarzdorn Production, which released 1000 Mini CDs of “Paganism” with a new cover artwork, layout and packaging. Fir Bolg got therefore promoted on a European scale.

In September 2011,FIR BOLG set foot in some studios to work on the first album: « Towards Ancestral Lands ».
At the Deaf Lab Studio in Monaco Dagoth recorded vocals, acoustic guitars, and olifant lines, and Abaddon played drums and bodhran.
At the Permafrost Studio in Nice, Dagoth recorded guitars and bass lines.
From Los Angeles’ Omen Recording Studio, Damien Rainaud took charge of the mix and reamping.
Finally, running February 2012, Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) mastered the whole album from the Klangschmiede Studio E in Germany.
On 06/21/2013, « Towards Ancestral Lands » is released internationally, and is very much acclaimed by the critics.

At the end of 2013, Dagoth decides to strengthen the band’s unity by adding two live session musicians. Abaddon and Necrokiller become permanent members, followed by Karnyx as live singer, Dagoth still remaining in charge of the vocals on the albums to come.

After a 3 year break from the stage, FIR BOLG returns to live shows in April 2014.