Udyr, at the time called “Nästrond Kall”, was created during February 2007. Founding member Herjann was quickly joined by bassist A., closely followed by vocalist Vegard. After many unsuccessful attempts to find a drummer that could adapt to the musical style of the band, their choice finally rested on Vicken. Then Triglav came as second guitarist. After playing the first live with Celtcharn, the choice finally stayed on John who is now keyboardsplayer.

The band’s influences are numerous but coherent and mostly centered on the main black metal bands : Emperor; Summoning; Windir; Darkthrone; Drudkh, and Nokturnal Mortum.

The band wishes to create a powerful and sincere music, using the traditional agressivity of black metal, the deep epic atmospheres brought by a keyboard and tragic natural feeling of the 1990’s black metal. Our goal is to create a unique style carrying much emotion and intensity.

The lyrics are written by Vegard in norwegian, english, french and german, trying to use the influences of all these cultures, the mythology, the history of these lands are vehicles for the numerous metaphors and feelings he puts into his songs. The band change for the name “Udyr”.