Children of Yggdrasil

Ragnard rock fest

1st Pagan Folk Metal festival of Europe and France!

10ha of surface at the heart of green valley of Suran river !

An easy access (highways, train, shuttles organized from the railway station of Bourg-en-Bresse)

Attendance 2016: more than 14 000 on 4 days (peak in the 4000 / day). Attendance 2015: more than 7 000 son 4 days.

The country in the honor in 2017: NORWAY!


More than forty groups on 2 stages ; of all the metal planet, come from three continents, from 20 countries.

An international brilliance! An original eclecticism, an artistic quality

Ragnard Rock Festival 2016

Official Teaser

4 days

More than 100 vikings

3 stages

Norwegian cuisine

Metal Market


warm up

20.07.2017 main stage