If we have to categorize our music then it may be something like, “Heavy Metal of Death and Doom“. No frills, only one guitar, bass, drums and some vocals on top/inside the landscape of riffs and tones.

The birth of the band and name HEAVYDEATH was in 2013 when Nicklas Rudolfsson (Runemagick, The Funeral Orchestra, Necrocurse) wrote some new songs and asked if John Bäckman (Necrocurse, Rapid Terrör) was interested to play bass. Together with a session drummer, the band was officially born. Many demo sessions were recorded until the summer of 2014. Most of the recordings have been released on cassette by the band and/or Caligari Records and digitally on the band’s bandcamp page.

During the summer of 2014 Daniel Moilanen (Katatonia, Runemagick) joined the band. The debut full length album “Eternal Sleepwalker“ was recorded during a couple of days in July 2014. The album was released on LP/CD in March 2015 by Svart Records and MC by Tape Worship Records.

In July 2015 the band recorded a new EP “Dark Phoenix Rising“ which was released digitally by HEAVYDEATH, MC by Caligari Records and CD by Dying Sun Records/At War With False Noise.

HEAVYDEATH entered the stage for the first time at the Mörkaste Småland Festival in Sweden, September 2015.

In April 2016 the band started to record the upcoming 2nd full-length album “In Circles We Die“. To be released around November 2016 on DLP by Iron Bonehead Productions, CD by Aftermath Music and MC by Flowing Downwards…

Death is Heavy, Heavy is Death, Heavy as Death…

Eternal Sleepwalker – Album LP/CD/MC 2015 (Svart Records, Tape Worship Records)
Dark Phoenix Rising – EP MC 2015 (Caligari Records)
+ lot’s of tapes, compilations and demo releases…