Angantyr started as a synth/ambient project in 1997.
It quickly developed into a raw blackmetal band, and in 1998 the first demotape “Endeløs” was recorded.
“Endeløs” contains 5 tracks of ear-mutilating blackmetal.
The debut CD “Kampen Fortsætter” was recorded in the year 2000.
The sound has improved, and the first song ever recorded “Stilhedens Larm” is included,
Along with a re-recording of “Da frostvind blæste” from the first demo.
In 2001 The second demotape “Nordens Stolte Krigere” was recorded in a shed in the forest of Egebæksvang.
In October 2002 the CD “Sejr” was recorded, and supposed to be released on “Inner Evil Productions” in 2003.
After I sent the Master-CD and artwork, I never heard from them again.
I then made a deal with Danish “BBSA” to release “Sejr” in 1000 copies in July 2004.
“Sejr” brings you 8 songs of harsh yet melodic Blackmetal, which includes 2 previously
unreleased songs originally recorded in 1999, but re-recorded for the “Sejr” album
Northern Silence Productions has released both demos on 2×10″ vinyl with a gatefold cover in december 2005
3 live members were found and 3 concerts were played in September 2006 while material for the album “Hævn” was written.
“Hævn” was released in april 2007 by Det Germanske Folket, and 5 concerts was played in 2007.
Northern Silence Productions released the Angantyr/Nasheim split album in September 2007.
The live lineup dissolved in October 2007.
The new live lineup was presented at a special appearance in Grosserlach, Germany 12.09.09
The fourth full-length album “Svig” will be released by Northern Silence Productions in May 2010